Thursday, April 7, 2011

Keira Knightley’s attractive New video clip for Chanel

Chanel handbags has just presented a completely new short movie featuring Keira Knightley. The stylish and sultry item follows the actress from her king size bed to some craze studio, making a beige motorbike by method of unfilled Paris streets within a fitted cat suit. “Chanel Superwoman,” as Knightley describes it.

Apparently, the superhero getup is optional when you truly are a Chanel Superwoman… owing to the facts the reality that cat complement is quickly opened, item by piece, by her progressively smitten photographer for the time-span of the luscious picture shoot.

The moral of one's tale (if that is the expression): Coco Mademoiselle will cause you to generally irresistible.

Not specifically uncharted terrain for almost any scent ad – nonetheless it runs anyway. scent is a fellow or lady of individuals number of products categories which are undoubtedly picture driven – through which there exists no tangible benefit to obtain had, and none is expected. once all, what is scent if not subjectivity and seduction within a bottle. A scent ad can lather at the clichés… as prolonged because it executes on these clichés with panache.

In that critical department, Shop Chanel newest hard work undoubtedly ranks as obtaining a gem.


  1. I think the link is not working properly that is why I can't watch the video. Thanks!

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